A St. Louis Bucket List


As I begin my last semester of undergrad, I have my sights set on moving to New York City after graduation.  But I want to savor the rest of my time in St. Louis, not wish it away.  I grew up in a small town about an hour west of St. Louis, coming into “the city” to see family, shop, and go to the zoo.  I’ve always taken St. Louis for granted, and often complained about there not being much here for me.  After a few years living here during college, I’ve explored St. Louis more and come to appreciate that it does have a lot to offer.  There’s a lot I haven’t even done yet, though I consider myself a local.  St. Louis is still not where I want to live after graduation, but I’m going to make sure I haven’t missed out on anything before I leave.

To that end, I’ve made a bucket list of things I haven’t done yet, and some things I want to do one more time.  It runs the gamut from museums and culture to nightlife, and I know I’m going to have a great last semester of college.  As I check things off the list, I’ll write about them and update this post with my progress.  Come along with me as I complete my St. Louis experience, and let me know if I’m still missing out on something great!

Forest Park:

  • Steinberg Rink ice skating (2/21)
  • bike around the park (5/15)
  • MO History Museum
  • St. Louis Art Museum – take an afternoon to wander alone with a notebook (4/11)
  • picnic + paddle-boating (5/31 – no paddle-boating)
  • Shakespeare Festival St. Louis – Henry IV (6/4) and Henry V in late May, I’ll just catch them!


  • Jive & Wail piano bar (closed)
  • live music in Tower Grove – I’m thinking the Demo at the Atomic Cowboy (3/6)
  • Three Sixty rooftop bar downtown
  • Library Annex
  • Taste in the CWE for cocktails
  • Mexican food on Cherokee Street
  • House of India
  • Pappy’s Smokehouse


  • Mass at the Cathedral Basilica (4/26)
  • World Chess Hall of Fame (apparently it’s in St. Louis)
  • Contemporary Art Museum
  • movie at the Moolah
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens (4/21)

WashU, my university

  • Kemper art museum
  • the Grand Slam – a student poetry slam (1/31)
  • try out for Carnaval, a student cultural show (1/23)
  • food at the Village, a housing area I never lived in (4/24)
  • work out at the Athletic Complex
  • finish my honors thesis!  (probably a few of the nightlife things will take place after this, the first week of March) (3/3)


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