St. Louis Bucket List: Carnaval Audition

Last night a good friend and I went to auditions for Carnaval, the dance and cultural show put on by the Association of Latin American Students every year.  We went purely for fun (though I was also motivated by my bucket list), and the only thing I hope to come of the night is to be remembered as The Girl Who Wore Sperrys for Salsa Auditions.  At least I remembered I wouldn’t be changing into jazz shoes and didn’t wear the fake uggs I used to wear to dance class and practice all the time in high school.

Slightly awkward footwear aside, I had a great time learning and performing the short Salsa combination.  I’d taught myself the basic step for Spanish class in high school, so I had that familiarity going for me, though it’s been a while since I learned any choreography.  It was nice to be back in a dance class (of sorts), moving quickly to music and feeling the old exhilaration of dancing.  Perhaps it’s something about the combination of mental and physical work, the codependence of memory and movement, that I love.

My friend and I danced as a couple, she leading and I following.  We were perfectly matched as far as attitude, because we cared about learning the steps and getting them right but not so much that we didn’t giggle a little when we messed up and at the more intense students.  If we hadn’t decided to audition together, I don’t know if I would’ve done it, bucket list or not.  It was bitter cold last night, I’d been snug in my apartment, and I had work I could do for my thesis, as always.  But having made the plan with my friend, I got myself out to the audition, and I’m glad I did.  I enjoyed dancing, experienced something new, and spent time with a great friend.  I’d call that a successful completion.

Wondering what might be next?  Read my St. Louis Bucket List in its entirety.


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