Wrapping Up the Bucket List

As with many things, I drafted my St. Louis bucket list with the best of intentions. I was ambitious, thinking of everything I could possibly want to experience in St. Louis before moving away. I didn’t doubt that I could accomplish all the experiences I set out to accumulate. Perhaps you notice in my word choices that my bucket list became more like a to-do list. In such a condition, I lost enthusiasm for it.

At MOBot Gardens

At MOBot Gardens

My bucket list was useful as a resource to consult when I was at a loss for what to do with my time, or wanted to do something a little special. But really, those situations did not arise much in my last semester at college. It was special enough to spend time with my friends. Who I was with was more important than where we went or what we did. Hopefully many of these people will continue to be part of my life after I leave St. Louis, but even so they are more significant to me than St. Louis as a place, or all the places that make up St. Louis.

Perhaps I compiled my bucket list out of the fear of missing out. But what I’m really going to miss when I move away won’t be the special things I didn’t do in St. Louis. I’ll miss the people and places I came to know in my everyday college life. Thus, I’m OK with the fact that I haven’t accomplished everything on my bucket list for St. Louis. I’m happy with what it’s encouraged me to do–get my bike fixed so I could bike around Forest Park, suggest a picnic in the park to friends looking for something to do, have dinner with a friend who lived in the Village, and on down the list. But I’m also happy that I’ve done things that weren’t on my list, and didn’t let having a to-do list prevent me from doing them. I won’t be disappointed that I didn’t finish everything, didn’t rigidly stick to my list and lose sight of opportunities beyond it. I did enough to enjoy my last semester of college in St. Louis.

And besides, everything I didn’t finish on my St. Louis bucket list serves as one more reason to come back and visit.

Not on my list, but kind of important

Not on my list, but kind of important


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  1. Well said, Ellie. I’m glad you had a good last semester.

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