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The Wall Street Journal



comfort care


New study adds to mystery of water on Mars

Scientists observe massive landslide on “ducky”-shaped comet

Industrial pollutants found in the deepest corners of the ocean

Artificial placenta system aims to help lung development in premature births

Consumer Reports

What parents need to know about MRSA in children

Nature Medicine

Picture imperfect: Going beyond imaging amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease (PDF)

Of mice an interaction: A new way to investigate complex genetic traits (PDF)

Largest genetic study of breast cancer in African Americans launched (PDF)

A second look: Efforts to repurpose old drugs against Zika cast a wide net (PDF)

Men’s Journal

Does that health advice seem to good to be true? Here’s why

What to do if your kid gets a concussion during a game

Remember Zika? It could be even worse than we thought

11 “healthy” things that are actually a waste of time


VIDEO: New York rowers look to the Paralympics

VIDEO: Saving Guam’s Micronesian kingfishers from extinction

The man-made flood

Coming back from captivity

VIDEO: Beekeeping in an urban jungle

Reading human history from the land

The opposite of extinction

Business Insider

We’re tantalizingly close to a new era in childbirth

One of the hottest new health benefits in Silicon Valley is based on shaky science

These essential but astronomically expensive drugs are a perfect example of our broken healthcare system

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