The Wall Street Journal

One sure way to annoy a scientist

When parents know their newborns won’t live long

Advanced cancer treatments far from big-name hospitals

Artificial placenta system aims to help lung development in premature births

Scientists observe massive landslide on “ducky”-shaped comet

Industrial pollutants found in the deepest corners of the ocean

New study adds to mystery of water on Mars


Nature Medicine

Picture imperfect: Going beyond imaging amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease (PDF)

Of mice an interaction: A new way to investigate complex genetic traits (PDF)

Largest genetic study of breast cancer in African Americans launched (PDF)

A second look: Efforts to repurpose old drugs against Zika cast a wide net (PDF)


Men’s Journal

Does that health advice seem to good to be true? Here’s why

What to do if your kid gets a concussion during a game

Remember Zika? It could be even worse than we thought

11 “healthy” things that are actually a waste of time



VIDEO: New York rowers look to the Paralympics

VIDEO: Saving Guam’s Micronesian kingfishers from extinction

The man-made flood

Coming back from captivity

VIDEO: Beekeeping in an urban jungle

Reading human history from the land

The opposite of extinction


Business Insider

We’re tantalizingly close to a new era in childbirth

One of the hottest new health benefits in Silicon Valley is based on shaky science

These essential but astronomically expensive drugs are a perfect example of our broken healthcare system

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